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Important Update from the Village

Today when I went to the village cafe to pick up the bread, the whole town seemed to be buzzing with the news. Four different people told me about it. Clearly it was a big day for our small village.

There is a nouveau panneau (new sign) in the square by the Mairie (town hall).

New Sign in the Village


5 Responses to “Important Update from the Village”

  1. lise Patenaude says:

    Well, now at least you know where the “Place de la mairie” is. Maybe it just got named.

    • Diane H. says:

      Good point Lise. Apparently there has been an ongoing debate about naming streets for the past two years. Maybe this is the first step in that process and everyone is excited that there is movement???

  2. Marcel says:

    At least you won’t get lost even if JM is not home!

  3. Lise Patenaude says:

    In small towns, no point in naming street, because everybody knows where everybody lives. There’s the Main Street, and a side street. So why bother with names? Of course for strangers coming to town, it is a bit more complicated to get around. I remember many many years back how surprised I was when I first saw a map of Embrun, I thought: whatever for?

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