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Wherein Diane Regrets Talking Smack about the Mistral

When we first landed in Provence, it was windy. I knew about the mistral, the wind that causes entire towns to shut down and people to go mad.  So when I was told this baby wind was the famous mistral, I scoffed. Worse, I scoffed on Social Media (@kidsandcastles on Twitter). After all, I grew up in Saskatchewan.  That little wind with a clear blue sky was what we prairie folk refer to as “a beautiful day”.

But I shouldn’t have dismissed the mistral that quickly.  It got much worse.  Here’s our neighbours’ veranda after the last windy day here:

The Mistral Redesigns a Village Veranda

The wind even did some damage to the road signs:

Mistral-Damaged Sign

But the saddest of all, was the fig tree in the backyard. I really don’t like figs as a general rule, but these ones were very good.

Mistral Destroys Yummy Fig Tree

Au revoir yummy fig tree.  You will be missed.

6 Responses to “Wherein Diane Regrets Talking Smack about the Mistral”

  1. vered says:

    Wow! I’m impressed. Sorry about the fig tree. If you were planning to stay there for longer, I would have advised you to plant a new tree. 🙂

    • Diane H. says:

      The gardener came to cut the tree down and he actually left the stump. He said there was a good chance the tree would grow again. If we come back here 10 years from now maybe there will be good figs again!

  2. dad says:

    After all my years on the prairies the subject of wind and what it can do is academic – I have (or at least had) a picture of how wind drove a ten foot piece of eave troughing through the heart of a gum tree with 4 feet out one side and near 6 feet on the other. Like I say…….

  3. robin says:

    how do you say “bummer” in french?

    • Diane H. says:

      According to Google Translate, it’s “bummer“. I get a LOT of my laughs these days from Google Translate. We had a comment in French about one of our pictures that had the girls standing inside a huge fireplace. The French included the word “miniature“, which in the context of the entire comment was translated by Google to be “thumbnail”.

  4. Bob says:

    Yes. That’s a wind.