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Friendly Rain

Since Z commented the other day that I had a “gros bedon” (fat belly), I decided that I couldn’t spend all my days drinking wine, eating cheese and sampling the saucissons secs (the excellent dry pork sausages – much better than it sounds). So today, I went out for a 5km run, despite a strong wind and the clouds promising rain.

The always reliable Murphy’s Law chose this opportunity to enact itself. When I was furthest away from home the rain started raining.  I didn’t really care because I was running and a little water wouldn’t hurt.

However, on my way back, and as the rain had effectively stopped, a car drove by and stopped besides me.  The lady in the car rolled down her window and said “Voulez-vous que je vous reconduisent à votre maison?” (Would you like a ride back to your home?).

Perhaps this is part South-of-France culture, or perhaps this is part small-town culture, but I was frankly not expecting that a lady driving her car offers a ride home to a dirty looking and wet stranger running on the road…

4 Responses to “Friendly Rain”

  1. Lise Patenaude says:

    So, did you get in? Pray tell. Do give us the whole story. Did you give in and take a ride home, chatting to her on the way home, or did you do your just say politely: “Non, merci, je cours pour ma santé, pas à cause de la pluie.”?

  2. JM says:

    I actually did not. I really needed the run so I figured I should finish it off even if I got home soaking wet. Of course, about 30 seconds after she left, it started pouring, and then I regretted my decision. I got home totally wet and ready for a hot shower…

  3. Scott says:

    Please don’t let our hard work go to waste. Don’t get “gros”. Remember, you’re the Captain—-

  4. JM says:

    Yes Scott. I ran again yesterday and worked out. I’m also getting a gym membership. I plan to kick your b..t when I come back to California! 🙂