Our Family’s (2nd) Year in the South of France
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Provence Weather Report

Apparently it will rain tomorrow. According to the local gentleman that walked with us to our morning coffee, when the clouds “ça fait des mouton” (make sheep-shapes) it’s a sure sign of rain.

The gentleman in question was wearing one of those string ties that you find in the southwest of the United States along with a thin white cotton muscle shirt. Just saying.

4 Responses to “Provence Weather Report”

  1. Dianne King says:

    Our friend in Antibes is telling me they are having 30C. every day. Is it that hot where you are, too?

    Love the image of the muscle shirt and the bolo tie…Yikes! And too funny that the first communique from the school concerns a(nother!) greve!

    • Diane H. says:

      So the weather has been pretty varied. When we arrived the mistral was blowing and it was COLD. As soon as it stopped it got hot (Antibes hot). The Monsieur Le Cowboy was right and it rained and got cold again, but mid this week it started heating up and today was very warm again.

      I like the variability because we learned to talk about the weather in French in Canadian school growing up. So I have something to say to the locals.

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