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Very Superficial Comparison: Rural Saskatchwan vs. Silicon Valley

It’s three weeks until we take off for France.  We are in Canada visiting my family. Yes, that seems like a crazy idea, but there is reason behind the madness. My Mom has health issues so we won’t see them for at least a year, my family had a big reunion, and we don’t have childcare in August so this coming week my parents are babysitting while I get some work done.

So here we are. We’ve done a LOT of driving around Saskatchewan the last week, which has given me pause to reflect on some of the differences between my home province in Canada and my current home in California. Here’s just a few:

Rural Saskatchewan Silicon Valley
Full-service gas stations with friendly teenagers who clean your windshields when you fill up. No need to scrub bug guts off your windshield with every fill.
The local coffee shop can tell me my Dad’s regular coffee order without being told whose daughter I am. People at my local Starbucks call me “Julie”. (My name is not Julie.)
Real perogies and cabbage rolls. Great Mexican food.
Insanely kind gentleman ended his call so I could use the only payphone in a 50-mile radius to close an important new client. Cell coverage everywhere – no need to depend on the kindness of strangers to make a phone call.
Amazing sunsets and incredible lightening storms. Fantastic vistas including actual elevation changes.
Hard to spell, but very easy to draw. Lemons grow in the backyard.

Wondering how the south of France will compare. Departure is getting close…

5 Responses to “Very Superficial Comparison: Rural Saskatchwan vs. Silicon Valley”

  1. Bob says:

    I am enjoying your blog and look forward to seeing the third column added to the table.

  2. Val says:

    Don’t forget: Rural Saskatchewan – the blood-sucking denizens wait patiently in *every* bush and blade of grass. Silicon Valley – sheer demographics mean the blood-sucking denizens most likely carry business cards.

    Viva la difference!

  3. Val says:

    AND: Rural Saskatchewan – “the wave” happens every time you pass a vehicle on a dirt road. Silicon Valley – “the wave” requires a stadium full of people deciding it’s okay to wave

  4. vered says:

    Makes me think that really, one can find happiness almost anywhere (well, as long as it’s a democracy and basic human rights and needs are given/met).

  5. patti says:

    haha … “julie” 🙂