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Letter of Motivation

To apply for a French visa, they ask you to write a “letter of motivation”. Here is how it’s described on the Consulate General of France in San Francisco web site:

  • A motivation letter from applicant certifying that she/he will not have any paid activity in France and explaining the purpose of the stay

It seems simple, but JM spent almost all afternoon writing his letter in French, during which he frequently referenced the big French-English dictionary and the “Petit Larousse” (which is actually one of the biggest books in the house – I am genuinely frighted by the idea of the “Grand Larousse”).

Here’s how Google translated his letter from French to English.

I have done with your services dated July 20, 2010 for a visa for France, mention long stay.

I certify, <JM’s info removed> and carrying on the profession of electronics engineer, said he holds a Canadian passport.

The purpose of my trip is a cultural holiday and tourism. I am indeed fascinated by the history and French culture and would like to compare my knowledge discovery in situ of France.

I plan to visit several historical sites in southern France, especially in Provence, as Orange, Avignon, Nime, Arles, Vaison-la-Romaine and many others, and the issuance of a visa de long I would stay this project dear to my heart.

My passion for history and French culture is longstanding. My children are both bilingual and converse in French. Through our cultural tour in France, I want to increase their affinity for the language and their knowledge of French culture.

In addition, my wife, <my personal info removed> wants to learn French through total immersion during our stay.

Also, thank you for a favorable response to my request and in anticipation of your reply, I beg you to accept, Mr. Consul, my respectful greetings.

I love how this sounds in the translation – just like something out of the Three Musketeers. My letter, in English of course, had less than half the words and only a “sincerely” to close.  Hopefully they don’t bounce me for lack of eloquence.

I send you, dear reader, my respectful greetings and fondly hope to write to you again in the very near future with the glad tidings that our petition for a visa has been approved.

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